Friday, December 9, 2011

Ramen, Onegaishimasu

A night out in Azabu Juban!

First stop is Man-Riki-Ya our favorite ramen shop.

Next stop is for ice cream!
Last stop is at our favorite bakery to pick up milk and chocolate muffins for breakfast.


  1. Charlie's big cheese grin is too cute!! They are growing so fast!! I feel like just yesterday Wes and I were putting Ben and Lily to bed and putting Lily's one piece sleeper on backwards so she couldn't unzip herself in the middle of the night! Don't ask me how I remember that!! Too funny!!

  2. Lol...I forgot about that until you mentioned it. Seems like forever ago. When are you going to have a baby so I can return the favor!!!! Aunt Steph and Grandma Gail can't wait around forever! xx